For our sub-category “Music to the Dalek”, we have made two chatters with the Przepyches, Polish band from the vivacious and interesting grip.

A duo born some years ago after having crossed, every following his/her own instinct different musical roads.

Two separate characters, but united by a mutual respect, first of all in musical field, for a long time long live. Thanks to this respect Jakub asks to Lukas to try to harmonize their sounds their ways of expression.

Battery, guitars, synth, loop. they are the facets of their sound for which you/they have an only imperative: free expression!

From Poland, some around in Europe up to Sicily. where, fascinated by the island atmosphere, you/they have chosen the Dalek Studio in Messina to produce theirs first album together.


Lukas, Jakub (“Kuba”), well arrived in Sicily and to the Dalek! Tell us some you. you are to your first disk together. As the they were born “Przepych?”

Ours are two separate histories because we knew for a long time each other, but we played each for the proper facts. Musically we esteemed there quite a lot. So it happened that once me, Kuba, has seen to play Lukas and, reflecting on his/her sound, I have thought that you/he/she would have been interesting to try to play together. I already had some idea between the composition and the freeeest instinct. We had an approach to the “to make music” similar, you/he/she could amalgamate and we have arrived (it laughs, ndr) there perhaps.

Reading here and there, I have noticed that, generally you are considered, “progressive noise”, literally “progressive noise.” Curious as, in once in which is looked for to fight the “noise” in how much we live in a loaded society of “noises”, the music (and do you give you of it a confirmation) both always “super partes”. he/she succeeds in transforming what it is negative in something positive. But, beyond the general essence of the music, do you agree with the definition that gives you?

On the essence of the music absolutely agree! But on her “our” definition. also no! (laughters, ndr). We don’t like the categories. We believe that the definition of a category is important for the communication, for the relationship band / average but, apart this, we are of the notice that to make music is fundamental not to catalog him. And’ the category that comes from the free expression, is not the expression that comes from the categoria.Lo I space some creation it is important and to take one structure of his must freely originate him.

We are devoting above all for example now there to a job of study and of search, that we substantially do to house, in the study of our cultural-musical association in Poland and now here, in the study of production “Dalek.”

Among the other one it is a project, this our, in which we have also called some external collaboration so that the sound final pits the product of a small, faceted, orchestra.

But as you have reached the Dalek Studio?

We have played in Italy, to Pordenone. There we have known me.

Following, a brief extract video of their performance to the Dalek Studio: